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Ayurvedic Wisdom from Baba Hari Dass

November 18, 2018

Baba Hari Dass, “Babaji,” lead an Ayurveda class at Mount Madonna Center for some time wherein he would share teachings about the ancient science. We are glad to present a collection of his words of wisdom that he offered during those classes:

1. The body is a boat which carries the soul in the ocean of the world. If it is not strong or it has a hole, then it can’t cross the ocean. So the first duty is to fix the boat.

2. In Ayurveda, the system is prepared to heal itself; nothing is forced.

3. When the body can’t do it (heal) by itself, then we use treatment. The body always tried.

4. Disease will go away if the doshas are balanced.

5. Keeping the humors in balance allows one to keep a positive frame of mind all day.

6. In Ayurveda, diet is the main thing.

7. All foods one of five things: a) increase the dosha b) decrease the dosha c) eliminate d) balance e) irritate (excite)

8. Eat less, eat light, eat pure, eat in time.

9. If your digestion is perfect, you don’t need much sleep.

10. A depressed attitude of mind will weaken the body. Strengthening the body will strengthen the mind.

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