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at Mount Madonna, California

Mount Madonna

A community of spiritual seekers

Mount Madonna Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences was founded in 1978 as a nonprofit entity for the practice and teaching of Yoga, as inspired by master yogi, Baba Hari Dass. Today the Center is a thriving, multi-generational residential community, a conference and retreat venue, and home to the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, Mount Madonna Institute, Mount Madonna School, and Sri Rama Foundation. Mount Madonna offers a safe, nurturing environment for people to study, learn, play, and work together.

Mount Madonna provides context for experiential learning, allowing both personal and collective exploration for those seeking a path to peace. An economy of giving, sharing, service, and care offers a viable alternative to the separation and isolation of much of modern life. Life at Mount Madonna is both active and reflective, where those things that have heart and meaning structure everyday life.

Community Life

Conscious Self-Development

Mount Madonna is an intentional space for people choosing a lifestyle of conscious self-development. A deep relational field fostered during the many decades of community life provides a familial space for those who choose to spend any length of time here. Meals, classes, and common spaces are shared among residents and guests. Social life arises naturally from the founding principles of collaboration, service, practice, play, and devotion.

The work of sustaining the Center is carried out by volunteers and paid staff, and is managed by a leadership team headed up by an Executive Director. Approximately 85 residents, as well as an extended community of local and international volunteers, work in the spirit of selfless service to support all the activities of the mission. Selfless service, or karma yoga, and personal and community practice are the methods for personal reflection and creative self-expression, and the foundation for the community.

Our Values

What we stand for

  • Integrity
  • Learning
  • Discipline
  • Service
  • Belonging
  • Loving
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Our Extended

Our world village

The Mount Madonna community also includes an extended network of individuals locally and around the world who have been involved in a myriad of ways at various times throughout the history of the organization. Our world village is composed of not only a vibrant residential community, a dedicated staff, administration, and board, but also of countless members of and contributors to the other organizations and educational institutions in the United States, Canada, and northern India, inspired by the teachings and example of Baba Hari Dass.

“Our community” includes all who have come before us, all who are deeply involved at the present moment, and all who wish to join us in supporting and fostering peace in themselves and in the world.

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Our History & Inspiration

More About Mount Madonna

Volunteer Opportunities

Become part of Mount Madonna

Decades of volunteerism laid the foundation for Mount Madonna, and an embodied practice of karma yoga, or “the yoga of action,” remains the ethos for all service on the campus. Service as a volunteer is usually in the areas of kitchen, dining room, dish room, gate, events & hospitality, and landscaping. There is a three-month commitment for this opportunity.


Career Opportunities

Become Part of Mount Madonna

Have you dreamed of working at a conscious Yoga Community and Retreat Center on a mountain in Central California overlooking Monterey Bay? Look no further, dreams do come true when you set your intention.


Support our Mission

Holding Space for Personal Transformation

Mount Madonna is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the auspices of the Hanuman Fellowship and Advaita Society. Your gift will support stewardship of this vibrant learning community, inspirational wisdom tradition, and sacred land.

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