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A Ritual of Healing for Racial Justice

June 13, 2020

As we witness the tragic effects of systemic racism that has led to injustice, violence, and death for so many, for so many generations, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Our teacher’s encouragement to “meet people without fear” is timely now, and we are reminded that we can — and must — engage with courage and vulnerability, learning from and supporting one another toward the common aim of peace.

In light of the violence, pain, and suffering we are witnessing at this time, we share our sadness and offer our hope for solidarity and unity with Black, Indigenous, and all people of color. For those of us who have the privilege and blessing of practice, the turmoil of this time is a call to draw upon the resources of inner work, so that we might respond with discernment and right action.

Yoga, prayer, and meditation are living tools we use to help center ourselves; in so doing, we develop the wisdom to act in ways that help balance the outer world. We are actively joining the movement of truth-seekers to hold up goodness and contribute to positive transformation through kind actions and prayers. From this foundation, we can work honestly, taking steps individually and with others, toward ahimsa (nonviolence) and satya (truth), in service of greater peace and justice.

Each Saturday we chant the Healing Mantra 108 times live from the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple. On June 13, 2020, we dedicated this ritual to George Floyd and all the other lives lost to racial violence. Together, we can work towards healing of the inequities and injustice suffered by all our fellow human beings of the Black community whose lives must matter if we are to live in peace.

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