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​The Gift At Birth

December 26, 2023

Embrace grace
when it appears as an unexpected guest
on your doorstep.
Welcome whatever softens your armor
helping you to remember the promise of redemption
from a thousand failings to love.

Oh that friend in disguise.
That sudden storm
lashing your roses,
rattling the windowpanes,
the one that brought you
to your knees
finally scraped raw
to your layer of tenderness.

You just can’t go back.
No longer are you able
to ignore the call
to worship the ordinary.

All your prayer mats and lit candles
in domestic and foreign
seamlessly shape shifted
into the sing song voices of your grandchildren
the call of the lone loon over the lake
the soaring shooting stars in moonless skies
and in that deep well of silence
like the hush
of evening snowfall.

You thought it was complicated.
Had to slog through muck and mire
cup your hands around rough edged begging bowls
walk through the dusty streets in your tattered rags…


The crickets have started up
creating your stairway to the Gods….
The bellowing bullfrogs are inviting you
to the water’s edge
to see into your very own reflection.
Can you recognize the majesty
that has been there all along
lying in wait for you?

The Author

  • Sarojani Rohan

    Grateful to be living with her husband amidst the redwood forest in the Santa Cruz mountains, Sarojani is a mother, grandmother, artist, writer, musician, student of Surat Shabd Yoga and aspirant to a virtuous life. She has published articles on various aspects of education both in papers and magazines, and has had poetry published in the Porter Gulch Review, Monterey Bay Poetry Review, phren-Z literary magazine, Workers Write!, and the poetry anthologies: “ Landscape of Soul and Story”, “Sisters Singing”, “Sacred Stone, Sacred Water” and the latest, “Second Wind: Poems of Resilience and Hope” published in 2020. Most important to her is staying awake to the beauties of nature and the human spirit.

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