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Vata Season Begins in Autumn

October 20, 2021

Autumn is in the air and the air is everywhere! Vata season has begun with its usual gusto and people are quickly finding themselves out of balance. This is the time to hunker down and use the Ayurvedic principles of Like Increases Like and Opposites Decrease. Cold, dry, rough, mobile, subtle, light and clear are the qualities of vata. So it is time to steer yourself in the other direction.

Forget a cold cereal for breakfast and enjoy a warm bowl of oatmeal with a dab of ghee or other healthy (organic, cold pressed) oil. Instead of a mid-morning snack, have a bigger breakfast and wait until lunchtime, giving your digestive system time to do its work efficiently. Salad for lunch? No way… it’s not only cold, it’s light and rough as well. Try a hearty stew, a rice/quinoa bowl topped with sauteed veggies or a quick stir-fry over warm noodles. No raw right now…. do you body a favor and “pre-digest” leafy greens through with a light sweating: rinse them off, shake them dry and sweat them in the water that’s left on them, no oil needed.

Feeling dryness and tightness on the skin as your home heating system begins to kick in? Moisturize by applying a warm oil before enjoying a warm bath or shower. No soap needed. Just massage your body well with the oil and watch the old skin slough off. Then let the warm water wash the dry skin down the drain. Pat dry, no rubbing. Rub a little fresh oil into the soles of your feet (and wear socks for a while so as not to slip and fall) and place a tiny drop of oil at the crown of the head. You should sleep like a baby. Abhyanga (the self-oil-massage) is also done in the morning. Give yourself time to let the oil absorb into your skin before you shower or bathe. It’s the perfect time for 15-20 minute meditation.

Enjoy the changes of autumn and the colors it brings and remember to choose well in both diet and lifestyle. This will assure a smooth transition from one season to the next. Enjoy the healing and warming energy of Fall.


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