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Regular Sādhana

January 5, 2018

Regular sādhana seems difficult for many reasons. Not only do we feel too busy, but we may not even be sure what to practice or if it will be worth it. Until the desire for spiritual progress is greater than the inertia of our habits, each effort will seem like climbing an enormous mountain.

Having someone you love and trust to exemplify the effects of regular practice is very important. For me, just knowing that a place like Mount Madonna exists is enough to build my faith in the teachings. Living in a spiritual community is incredibly helpful, and in lieu of that one should reach out to like-minded people and look for satsang.

Until I figured out how to make time for my practice every day, I was unable to make it regular. Once a week is excellent if you can do it, but it places more import on each session and can actually cause stress. The easiest thing to do is to create a ritual that is so small that skipping it would not save you any time. Have a place on the floor where you bow and touch your head before doing anything else, for example. Eventually that place will get charged and you will feel inspired to linger there longer. Some days, when inspiration is less, you can go back to simply bowing your head. As long as you do not remove your “minimum daily requirement”, you are doing regular sādhana.

My daily practice is like a dear friend. It is familiar and mysterious at the same time. We are attracted to each other and I make it a priority to not become estranged. When we sit together, I feel loved and supported, and as I go through my day our connection makes me more loving towards everyone I meet.


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