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Prasad for Thought : Self-Development

March 31, 2018

We humbly share a few words of wisdom for self-development from our beloved Baba Hari Dass:

  1. Express love and kindness in words and actions in dealing with others
  2. Express compassion in your actions towards those who are suffering physically or emotionally
  3. Anything that comes to you should be received as a gift from Providence
  4. Do not hoard things that are not required
  5. Give away things to those who are in need.
  6. Keep busy in selfless service
  7. Reduce your needs to a minimum
  8. Avoid discussions or reading books that are contrary to your self-development
  9. Do not indulge in any action that may cause harm to others in any form, directly or indirectly
  10. Look for good qualities in others rather than looking for their shortcomings.
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