July 2014
Amelia Barili
The Power of Yoga and Qigong for Creativity and Self-Healing
25-27Ginger Hooven
Find Balance - Integrate Ayurveda Into Your Yoga Practice

Amelia Barili

The Power of Yoga and Qigong for Creativity and Self-Healing

July 18-20, 18-23

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Practitioners of ancient healing traditions of India and China have known for thousands of years something that recent medical studies are just now confirming: the body is not simply a biological machine but a vast energetic network. Drawing from the healing traditions of Yoga and Qigong, Dr. Amelia Barili will teach:

  • a morning routine for vitality and centering,
  • gentle movements to gather and store energy from nature,
  • acupressure-style self-massage and release points,
  • a form of self inquiry to find innovative solutions to your problems, and
  • a night routine for a restful sleep.

These time-tested techniques are so simple that anyone can practice them. Practitioners experience increased energy, greater resilience, less stress, improved concentration, enhanced performance, and better relationships. Recommended for anyone who wants to lead a healthy and deeply satisfying life, as well as for counseling and healthcare professionals. No previous experience with Yoga or Qigong is required. 

"Amelia is truly an exceptional teacher of Yoga and Qigong, and a genuine gift to her students. With much expertise and patience, she guides her students, through the graceful movements of the exercise, while teaching an outer attention to the form and an inner intention to the movement. Practicing in this way becomes truly transformational."-- Phil Waltz

"I took Amelia's workshop on Qigong and Yoga while recovering from a serious illness and it was the spark that lead me back to a feeling of health and renewal.  She has a wonderful spiritual presence that is very contagious and her knowledge of her subject is grounded in concrete experience and practice.One thing that truly amazed me is that Amelia is so inspiring that I have kept up the practice after finishing the workshop.  I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone looking to expand or start their practice of yoga or meditation.  It has truly been a gift." -Diane Putterman

Amelia Barili workshop excerpt

Amelia Barili and Fritjof Capra "The Emerging Consciousness"

AMELIA BARILI, Ph.D., received her diploma in Yoga Therapy and Philosophy from Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in India. An internationally respected yoga teacher, she is also a disciple of Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun, the 27th generation inheritor of the Taoist Medical Qigong system. Dr. Barili, a faculty member at UC Berkeley, has brought these practices into the academic environment and teaches meditative techniques to overcome stress and foster creativity.

For more information see www.ameliabarili.com.



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